Fracture Simulation in Materials

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Fracsima is a software development company working specially on modeling tools for fractured materials. Fracsima softwares aim to solve the following problems by numerical simulation:

- hydromechanical coupled phenomena in multi-fractured geomaterials and rock formations for industrial applications in mining, oil & gas manufacturing and civil engineering,

- fracture propagation in materials like metal alloys, polymers and composites for mechanical engineering problems.

Fracsima softwares are based on Finite Element Method. They are:


DISROC is a general purpose FEM code specially conceived for civil and mining engineering applications in fractured rocks.

DISROC Downloads: User Notice

DISRCAC is a FEM mesh generating tool for fractured media used as preprocessor for DISROC and POROFIS.

DISCRAC Downloads: User Notice

POROFIS is a code derived from Disroc and specially conceived for modeling coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical and Chemical phenomena in porous fractured media. Porofis is designed for research-type applications and includes a large variety of non-linear constitutive laws and couplings between different phenomena. Porofis allows taking into account user defined coupling models and material constitutive laws. A free version of Porofis can be downloaded here.

POROFIS Free Version: Download


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