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Fracture Simulation in Materials DISROC Disroc

DISROC has the following main functionalities:

    Elastic-plastic modeling of rocks, rock-joints and rockbolts with incremental loading

    Incremental multistage excavation of underground openings and rock cuttings

    Stability of rock slopes under seismic loads (horizontal and vertical acceleration) 

    Analysis of block fall down risk in tunnels in blocky rockmasses

    Modeling rock bolts, bars and cables in fractured rock

    Modeling fluid flow in fractured porous rocks or in discrete fracture networks

    Taking into account fluid pressure effects in the mechanical stability analysis

    Homogenization of fractured rock mass mechanical and hydraulic properties:

        - determination of the effective elastic parameters

        - simulation of effective stress-strain curve to determine effective strength properties

       - determination of the effective permeability of fractured rock masses

DISROC is interfaced with the powerful pre and post-processor GID (www.gidhome.com) which allows easily defining the geometry and the mesh at pre-processing stage and displaying the calculation results in high quality contours forms or graphes and curves in post-processing stage.

More information: Disroc Diaporama

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